Monday, 20 February 2012

Reclaim your Wardrobe

I know I know, I haven't updated since the beginning of time. Work comes and takes the rest of it, that's why. I'm sitting here on my long weekend from heaven, knitting, reading blogs, and eating chips.  When my blog neglect comes to mind, so many creative things have happened since the last time we spoke, err.. you read/I wrote.

But I will talk about my best Idea, "Reclaim Your Wardrobe" is an idea I came up with that would allow people to take back some of the control they have allowed big business take, regain skill that was once present in every house hold, and finally, allow some of your creative self reach out and grab the clothes off your back, to speak words each day and to make it known.

What is it?

Inspired by my newly honed skill of knitting, and Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies (more specifically a couple of her videos that I have link to below) Reclaim my Wardrobe is an project born of the idea of community, natural fibers, natural dyes and dying crafts.

I will, and would encourage you, to create all pieces of clothing within your wardrobe and to cycle out a piece everytime a new one is created, until all that is left is made by your hands, sweetly, and closely.

So far I have successfully completed one garment , although I have yet to discard of another piece. I think that is going to be the hard part. Below are some photos of the completed dress.

It took me almost 5 weeks to complete and I am like a shining star within it!

I invite you to take the challenge and to RECLAIM YOUR WARDROBE!


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tiny kiss good night

and for desert, Tiny cupcakes!

Goodnight blogger!


Teeny wave to enamelware

Oh sweet enamelware, you with your non-stick coating and beautiful bright colours. You nearly industructable, reliable thing, you.

Beauty large yellow pot, I can smell the stew already.
And my softly melted chocolate.

No matter what the treat, this beautiful material is so functional and would look beautiful in anyone's country kitchen, and preferably mine! All of these pots and pans were sourced from etsy at very affordable prices, please don't snatch them up before I have the chance!

happy cooking!

Tiny Hello

Welcome to the teeny tiny world of Melly! This blog is devoted to my future tiny home, homestead, crafts, design and essentially anything that my tiny hands create or little eyes and heart love. For now I will leave you with some kitchen inspiration. So heres to filling my cabinets!

Can you imagine those beautiful babies sitting on your thanksgiving table?

sweet little baby shot glasses

Dream everyday cups! milk glass is so beautiful, and such a nice way  to offset all the colours I want to use in my kitchen with all my dream colourful corning wear and china that I already have (pink rose pattern from the 50s).

Lemonade in the summer?

Beautiful orange angels, can't you imagine having your morning tea in these sweet things, and sitting beside the white milk glass cups on the kitchen shelves.

That's enough kitchen inspiration for today! Follow me later when I share my house plans.